Technical Documentation

Technical docs to help you understand and work with Bluon TdX 20 (R-458A).

TdX 20 Retrofit Guidelines

A comprehensive guide to converting R-22 equipment to TdX 20. Also available in the Bluon Mobile App.

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Trane® Intellipak™ Conversion Guidelines

Full guidelines for converting Trane Intellipak units from R-22 to TdX 20! An insanely valuable guide, available only for Bluon Accredited Contractors.

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Bluon TdX 20 Warranty

Bluon TdX 20 is the only refrigerant backed by a warranty, so if something goes wrong, we’ve got you covered.

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PT Chart

TdX 20 Pressure-Temperature chart. Also check out the Bluon Mobile App for a PT chart and PT Calculator tool.

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measureQuick & Bluon

Jim Bergmann of measureQuick explains why he thinks HVAC retrofits are the future, and how Bluon and measureQuick can help technicians find success in this new reality.

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When To Use Bluon TdX 20

From annual maintenance to system repairs to pro-active recharging, here are the (many) use cases where you can use Bluon TdX 20.

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TdX 20 Product Comparison

Graphical and technical comparisons between Bluon TdX 20 and other R-22 replacement options.

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Conversion Checklist

Printable checklist for converting R-22 systems to TdX 20. Note that you can also find conversion guides in the Bluon HVAC app.

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TdX 20 Cut Sheet

Physical properties cut sheet for TdX 20 (R-458A), including Enthalpy charts, in both US and Metric units.

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Material Safety Data Sheet

Standard Material Safety Data Sheet for Bluon TdX 20 (R-458A) refrigerant.

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