TdX 20 (R-458A) refrigerant is the perfect R-22 replacement with all the support you need.

Introducing Bluon TdX 20 (R-458A)

We set out to make an insanely great R-22 replacement blend. After five years of hardcore R&D, real-world testing, and approvals, we nailed it.

  • Average 15% energy savings vs R-22 (up to 25%).

  • Virtually identical capacity to R-22 (+/- 3%).

  • No oil change required. Works with POE & MO.

  • Operates at lower pressures and temperatures.

  • ASHRAE & EPA approved, warranty protected.

best r22 replacement 2019 bluon

The only replacement that upgrades R-22 HVAC-R equipment.

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The TdX 20 Story

TdX 20 is the first refrigerant specifically designed to solve problems faced by contractors, suppliers, and end users alike.

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How TdX 20 Works

HVAC-R systems work by changing a refrigerant between liquid and gas phases. TdX 20 takes this phase change to a whole new level.

  1. Five constituents phase change in a carefully orchestrated sequence.

  2. Heat is absorbed across more of the coil surface area, improving overall heat transfer.

  3. Compressor workload is reduced, resulting in less amp draw and lower compressor head temperature.

  4. Compressor stability is improved, resulting in less noise and vibration and more stable amp draw.

r22 vs tdx 20

Proven Results

Bluon TdX 20 trusted by top contractors and suppliers, and is cooling over 50 Million square feet of user space with fantastic results.

Equity Office
hvac energy 1

20% Energy Savings

100 ton unit

LBA Properties
hvac energy 2

13% Energy Savings

+5% capacity gain

Kaiser Permanente
hvac energy 3

11% Energy Savings

40 ton unit

South Coast Plaza
hvac energy 4

28% Energy Savings

5 ton unit

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Support Ecosystem

TdX 20 is more than just a great refrigerant. It’s part of a complete ecosystem of trained contractors, tech support and tools, and warranty protection.

Contractor Network

We have a rapidly growing contractor community trained in TdX 20.

Awesome Tech Support

Our veteran techs are here to solve any problem, large or small.

Warranty Protection

TdX 20 is the only refrigerant backed by a performance warranty.

Bluon Mobile App

Make your service job a breeze with this incredibly powerful mobile app from Bluon. Download now.

Equipment Database Over 35,000 HVAC units with expert retrofit steps.

Installation Toolbox In-app calculators and troubleshooting wizards.

In-App Support Instant technician support hotline.

Retrofit Guides Easy to follow guides and videos for retrofitting with Bluon

The Replacement Choice is Clear

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Start Using TdX 20 Today

best r22 replacement 2019 bluon

Easier installation, better performance, and fewer call-backs. Buy TdX 20 now from our network of suppliers, and join the thousands of HVAC technicians who have made the switch.

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