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Download the Bluon app and follow the instructions to get Accredited. You'll watch a few short videos that explains everything you need to know about the R-22 phaseout, how to work with blended refrigerants, how to use Bluon R-458A to replace R-22, and how to use the Bluon app and live technician support hotline to make your life easier. You'll also learn how using Bluon lets you make more money by offering valuable energy efficiency and system longevity benefits to your customers, all while spending less time on the job and ensuring there are fewer call-backs.

Getting Accredited takes about 20 minutes, and is fast, fun, and won't cost you a thing. Sound good? Let's get started!

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October 10 2019 note: Apple users may experience problems getting accredited today and tomorrow (10/11) as we are rolling out significant updates. We suggest waiting a day or two to start the process. Contact us if you have any questions!