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The HVAC Retrofit Solution
for commercial real estate

With budgets being cut everywhere, executives need viable solutions to extend the useful life of their HVAC equipment. And with the R-22 phase-out behind us, doing nothing is not an option! Bluon retrofits are the answer.

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The Bluon retrofit process

We work with you every step of the way, from planning to execution. It’s turnkey, risk-free, and trusted by some of the top players in the commercial real estate industry.

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““Bluon is at the forefront of tackling energy efficiency in our existing heating and air conditioning infrastructure.””

- Leonardo DiCaprio Bluon Investor & Board Advisor

“"Everything Bluon promised came true. Retrofit saved on maintenance costs, saved on electricity costs, and saved on Capex costs."”

- Michael Borchard President, M&N Foods

“"After using Bluon in 100% of our installs for a year now, I am no longer skeptical. Our technicians love the product and retrofit every system when the opportunity presents itself."”

- Joe Egosque Efficiency Mechanical

““R-22 is gone and the future is Bluon.””

- Ralph Savastano Utility Engineer, ABM

““Bluon is the only R-22 solution we will use.””

- Charlie Ford Engineer, Storer Services

““Bluon is the real deal!””

- Scott Pierson HAVTECH

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