Now you can upgrade your home’s R-22 AC system to energy saving Bluon TdX 20 refrigerant.
Cut your energy bill, reduce noise and vibration, and shrink your carbon footprint.

Told to replace your AC unit?

Extend the life of your current AC unit instead! Avoid big costs and get more years of life out of your AC unit with Bluon.

Upgrade your refrigerant

do i have to replace my ac system r22 410

Upgrade your R-22 with TdX 20 refrigerant.

  • 10-20% the cost of replacing AC system*
  • Lowers energy bill
  • Extremely cost-effective carbon reduction
  • Huge noise reduction!*

*Costs vary depending on labor rate, equipment, and other factors. Noise reduction is typical but not guaranteed.

Replace your entire system

do i have to replace my ac system r22 410

Buy new R-410A HVAC equipment.

  • 5-10x the cost of a Bluon upgrade*
  • Disruptive installation
  • Can increase overall carbon footprint

*Costs vary depending on labor rate, equipment, and other factors

Save Hundreds on Your Energy Bill

If your HVAC system is more than 10 years old, it’s probably a legacy R-22 system that qualifies for a TdX 20 upgrade.

  • TdX 20 Refrigerant Upgrade TdX 20 is a breakthrough refrigerant that goes into your R-22 HVAC system, making it run more efficiently than before.

  • Home Energy Savings Homeowners typically save hundreds per year on their energy bill, while prolonging the life of their equipment.

  • Reduce Noise & Vibration Upgrading to Bluon TdX 20 typically results in a massive reduction in sound and vibration of the AC system.

Lower Your Carbon Footprint

The environmental impact of HVAC is staggering, and Bluon is the most cost-effective way to dramatically lower your carbon footprint.

Bluon Vs Electric Cars
Installing Bluon TdX 20 refigerant in your home HVAC units removes as much CO2 emissions as replacing your gasoline car with an electric vehicle (3 metric tons per year).

Bluon is 1,600% more cost-effective at lowering your greenhouse gas emissions.

“For the vast majority, where buying new equipment is not a viable option, Bluon TdX 20 represents a cost effective solution to reduce their electricity consumption and therefore dramatically reduce their carbon footprint.”

- Leonardo DiCaprio Bluon Investor & Board Advisor

“Just converted my neighbor’s system over to Bluon, the primary thing noticeable was how much noise it cut down. It is pretty crazy!”

- Jim Bergmann Leading HVAC Expert

Ready to Get Started?

Tell your HVAC contractor that you want to install Bluon TdX 20 into your units. We support your contractor every step of the way.

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Don’t Have a Contractor?

We have thousands of Bluon Accredited Contractors in our network and rapidly growing nationwide coverage.

Get in touch and we’ll connect you to a Bluon Accredited HVAC Contractor in your area.

NOTE: Homeowners cannot purchase TdX 20 (or any refrigerant) unless they are EPA Certified.

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