R22 Alternative

R22 Alternative


If you have your finger on the pulse of the refrigeration industry, you will know that something is going on with R22. This refrigerant has seen a series of price hikes and will soon be completely unavailable.
The big question is, what can you use as an alternative refrigerant?

bluon energy stockBluon is leading the way in the development of R22 alternatives that are actually improvements with its TdX 20 [R-458A] refrigerant. If you need to replace R22 with a new refrigerant then there is nothing better currently available.

R22 is not only getting more expensive, very soon it will be difficult if not impossible to get. The great news is that TdX 20 is already available as the only replacement that is an upgrade to your HVAC system. It can work better than R22 ever did!

Not everyone is aware of the current R22 shortage, but eventually it will be impossible to ignore. Before looking at exactly how R22 works to replace R22 refrigerant, let’s take a closer look at why replacements are even being considered.


You may think that there is pressure to replace R22 because it doesn’t work well, but that is not the case. R22 refrigerant has always worked great as a refrigerant. So why are people all over the globe going to all this effort to replace it?

When it was brought to market in the 1930’s, R22 was the answer to the harmful ammonia based and pure CFC refrigerants that were in use at the time. Its emergence heralded a boom in HVAC systems and refrigeration, but there was a hidden problem – HCFCs.

By the 1980s it had become clear that a massive contributor to the large holes in our ozone layer were CFCs and HFCFs. International agreements were reached to phase out the usage of CFCs and HCFCs gradually. The final step occurs in 2020, when R22 production will stop altogether in the developed world.

In preparation for this, Bluon has spent a long time developing TdX 20 as a truly viable alternative to the environmentally harmful R22. A big effort was made to push technology forward in this regard as well. We were not content to replicate the performance of R22, we wanted TdX 20 to be a better refrigerant in every way.

TdX 20 represents amazing value for anyone looking to transition away from R22. It meets all new environmental standards and also allows you to tune and optimize the performance of your HVAC system. With TdX 20 and our recommended tuning protocols, which are made simple by our revolutionary mobile app for contractors and, you will undoubtedly save big on your electricity bill.

Changing over will eventually be forced upon you, so there is no better time to start than now. Although there is a cost involved, the savings on your electric bill allow TdX 20 to pay for itself very quickly (Paybacks average from 1 – 3 years).

Check out our Optimization Program to learn more.


alternative refrigerant for r22Pay LESS on Energy and Phase out R22 For Good

Bluon has designed TdX 20 to help the environment on many fronts, while also saving you money. It is not often you can do your part for the planet, while also saving yourself some serious cash! This refrigerant is packed with features that make it easy to justify changing over.

replacement substitute refrigerantReduced Energy Consumption

One of the ways that TdX 20 benefits the environment is making your existing equipment more energy efficient. Hundreds of tests have been conducted on HVAC equipment that is using Bluon TdX 20 and the results are impressive.

Measured energy savings ranged from 5% all the way to 25%, averaging around 15%. This increase in energy efficiency has brought meaningful savings to these businesses every quarter. It also allows them to highlight their care for the environment in marketing materials and their substantial decrease in their carbon footprint.

r22 alternativeUse Existing Equipment

As you can see from above, it is possible to use your existing HVAC equipment when using an replacement refrigerant like TdX 20. There is no need for a massive capital outlay on any new machinery at all.

Bluon makes it easy for your local contractor to quickly and easily optimize your HVAC units to make the most of TdX 20. This was important to us when developing TdX 20, because any change in equipment would also result in an unnecessary amount of waste.

replacement substitute refrigerantFull Service

When you decide to change to an R22 alternative, we offer a full service turnkey solution. For larger jobs, Bluon joins forces with your local contractor to complete the change expertly. Included in this service is all the refurbishment and optimization needed to realize the full energy saving potential of TdX 20.

alternative zu r22Solve Your R22 Phase Out Question

Most importantly, changing to Bluon’s TdX 20 provides a quick and easy solution to the question of how to deal with the R22 phase out. Once you have changed over to a more environmentally responsible refrigerant, you won’t have to think about this issue again for years.


alternative gas for r22The world is moving forward and although R22 has served us well, it is time to do the right thing and start the transition to cleaner technologies. TdX 20 is the future of refrigerants and you have the chance to optimize your system with this refrigerant right now.

After contacting us, we will work with your local contractors and begin the process of replacing your R22 with TdX 20. At the same time, they will tune and upgrade your existing equipment to get the best performance and energy savings possible.

All you need to do to start the process is contact us using the form on our website. Once you have done that, our customer support staff will get back to you with further details and will work with you to create an in depth quote.

We offer an unprecedented warranty that our replacement refrigerant will not harm your equipment. No other refrigerant offers such a warranty!

You could wait until the last moment to change over, or look at lesser R22 alternatives. However, the best option is clearly TdX 20. With this product you will know you have the best. The sooner you make the change, the more money you can save!

Contact us today and do the planet a favor by changing to TdX 20