r458a cut sheetExtend the life of your HVAC equipment and save up to 25% on costs each year with full-service optimization from Bluon, a leader in solving the world’s energy efficiency issues. 

Are you struggling to cut operating costs and still meet sustainability goals? Between the high costs of running your HVAC system, maintaining your expensive equipment, and preparing for the phase out of R-22, businesses reliant on this outdated refrigerant need an innovative solution.

That solution is Bluon’s Tdx 20 (R-458A).

Instead of upgrading to high-pressure equipment, you can keep your current system in place and save tens of thousands dollars. It will even cut operating costs by up to 25% and extend the life of your current system.

Bluon Tdx 20 is the EPA SNAP-listed solution that is revolutionizing the HVAC industry and paving the way to a safe and sustainable future.


As a commercial property owner, your biggest expenses are HVAC and equipment. Tdx 20 allows you to save money where you spend it the most.

Save 5%-25% on energy costs:

50% of operating costs come from your HVAC system alone, and the average supermarket spends 60% of its energy budget on refrigeration alone. Bluon’s next-generation refrigerant uses a unique 5-constituents phase change process to increase stability, decrease workload, improve heat transfer, and, most importantly, improve efficiency. The average increase in systems efficiency is between 15%-18% but can go as high as 25%.

Same Equipment, better performance:

Is a tight operating budget stopping you from replacing old equipment or upgrading to high-pressure systems for better efficiency? Upgrading to R-458A solves that problem. Instead of paying for high-pressure equipment that costs up to $3,000 per ton, TdX 20 costs 15 times less. It also reduces “amp creep” and stabilizes the compressor system, resulting in reduced wear and tear and longer equipment lifespan.


R-22 is slowly being phased out. By the year 2020, it will be illegal to produce or import in the USA. It is estimated that HVAC’s share of the world’s global warming crisis is roughly equivalent to half of all of the cars and trucks on the road. A revolutionary solution was necessary to ensure a safe and sustainable world for everyone.

With businesses scrambling to replace their outdated R-22 systems, Bluon came up with a refrigerant formula unlike any other.

Now you can fight climate change and meet your sustainability goals, all while saving money.


Tdx 20 vs. R-22 is like having 5 runners on your team instead of 1. Imagine a 500-meter sprint where 5 runners split the responsibilities evenly in a relay vs. 1 runner doing all of the work himself. Which one would get tired first?

Using 5 runners allows each one to take on more of a workload with less pressure and extends the amount of time they can work.

The idea behind R-458A is the same. The secret to Tdx 20’s ability to carry more heat at less pressure is in its ability to maximize the use of the entire coil system. By maximizing the entire coil, the revolutionary formula minimizes the system losses that are a major flaw in most HVAC equipment. The result is better, more efficient systems that last longer.


5-Constituents Phase Change:

All HVAC-R equipment works by changing a liquid refrigerant to a gas and then back again. The difference with Tdx 20 is that it utilizes 5 constituents in a carefully orchestrated process which in turn utilizes more of the coil.

Improved Heat Transfer:

Since more of the coil is utilized, heat transfer is improved across the coil.

Improved Compressor Performance:

Since heat transfer is improved, this decreases the workload on the compressor. That means less head draw and lower compressor temperature.

Greater Stability:

Less noise and more stability mean your compressor operates at a smoother amp draw. This decreases wear and tear and increases lifespan. The average amp draw for Tdx 20 equipment is 73 compared to 86 for R-22.


save with r-458aBluon will work directly with the contractors you already have working relationships with to facilitate no-hassle installations. Instead of going through the expensive and lengthy process of upgrading your systems, fine-tuning and optimizing it with contractors you are familiar with creates a stress-free and money-saving process that increases your profitability.

Our turnkey optimization process is by far the easiest way to solve your energy efficiency issues. Businesses that are struggling to invest in their future, reduce costs in the present, and remain compliant with legislation now have a 3-in-1 solution to this problem. Upgrading will:

Save you money:

Tdx 20 upgrades pay for themselves quickly.

Solve your R-22 phaseout issue:

With prices rising, and R-410 equipment likely next on the phase-out list, you can simply upgrade your equipment and keep it running.

Extend your current system’s life:

Full system replacement are incredibly expensive and cause damaging down time.


One of our highly-trained specialists will be sent to your site to supervise the process, ensuring that everything goes along smoothly. First we fine-tune your system, then upgrade your existing refrigerant to Tdx 20, and then we optimize the entire system for peak performance.

Bluon Tdx comes with a warranty that it won’t harm your equipment. You don’t get that with any other refrigerant.

We are R-22 replacement made easier. Simple. Hassle-free. 100% transparent. Bluon’s revolutionary refrigerant formula is the solution to your business’ energy-efficiency issues.

If you want to save money, extend your equipment’s life, and help create a sustainable future for the world all while solving your R-22 phase out issue, contact Bluon today. Our fixed pricing ensures there are no surprises waiting for you at the end.

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