You can retrofit most R-22 HVAC systems to Bluon TdX 20 and leverage existing budgets. We’ll show you how.

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Have an R-22 HVAC System?

You don’t always need to replace legacy equipment. Most systems can be upgraded to Bluon TdX 20 refrigerant utilizing your maintenance budget.

Replace your refrigerant

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Upgrade your R-22 HVAC equipment to Bluon TdX 20.

  • Use your existing maintenance budget!
  • No loss in cooling capacity
  • Up to 25% energy savings vs R-22 (15% avg)
  • 18-36 month ROI
  • Typical installation cost of 40-50¢/sq ft.

Replace your equipment

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Buy new R-410A HVAC equipment.

  1. Requires a large capital expense budget
  2. Can be disruptive to company operations
  3. Non-viable in certain hot climates
  4. R-410A phaseout uncertainty
  5. Average installation cost of $10/sq ft.

Looking For Answers?

Bluon can help with no-cost facilities planning, and turnkey installation services for corporate clients.

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Get your HVAC Plan
Take the first step by getting your no-cost action plan for your existing HVAC units at each facility.

Your plan includes which equipment to retrofit, which (if any) to replace, cost estimates, and projected energy savings and ROI.

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Get a Turnkey HVAC Solution
Take the next step with a turnkey service to upgrade your R-22 equipment to TdX 20.

We work alongside your existing mechanical contractors to make sure everything goes smoothly. It’s risk-free and waranty-backed.

Now you have a plan and a viable solution for your R-22 HVAC equipment.

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Decisions Are Coming

The cost of HVAC maintenance is rising fast, and making the wrong move can get you in big trouble. Don’t know what to do? Bluon can help.

Don’t get caught without a plan

R-22 refrigerant is being phased out. Due to supply and demand, R-22 is getting expensive, and so is the cost of normal HVAC maintenance. If your building has R-22 equipment (most buildings built before 2009), you’ve got a serious problem.

Unless you’ve got a huge capex budget to replace your HVAC equipment, you’ll need to start using R-22 replacements to avoid rising costs.

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R-22 replacement options

Bluon TdX 20 is the only R-22 replacement that actually upgrades your HVAC equipment, by reducing energy consumption, maintaining cooling capacity, and prolonging equipment life.

All other replacements will cause your equipment to consume more energy and lose cooling capacity.

Bluon TdX 20 is the only option with an ROI. Do nothing and pay ever higher maintenance costs. Install the wrong replacement and get burned by higher energy bills. Upgrade to TdX 20 and benefit immediately.

Make the easy choice with Bluon

Get started with your no-cost HVAC plan from Bluon

  • We’ll be in touch with some basic questions about your facilities

Proven Results

See how Bluon is helping end users and asset managers of all sizes save real money with minimum hassle.


23% Energy Savings

105 ton Intellipaks™

Pizza Hut

15% Energy Savings

7.5 ton units

City of San Diego

10% Energy Savings

7.5 ton unit

Wells Fargo

27% Energy Savings

7.5 ton unit

Want more? Check out our Bluon Case Studies.

eWhat can Upgrading to Bluon TdX 20 do for You?

Use our ROI calculator to estimate your savings, or request a quote today.

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Cost-Effective Sustainability

Cut Your GHGs
HVAC-R produces as much CO2 as half the automobiles on the road. Optimizing your system can have a staggering impact on your GHG output.

Get A Real ROI
Going green doesn’t have to be a financial loss. Most Bluon clients have a rapid ROI, often in as little as 1-2 years.

Meet Your Goals
Whether you’re a small end user or managing a big portfolio, converting your R-22 system to Bluon makes it easier to meet crush your sustainability goals.

HVAC & Sustainability

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“Bluon is at the forefront of tackling energy efficiency in our existing heating and air conditioning infrastructure.”

- Leonardo DiCaprio Bluon Investor & Board Advisor

Get started with your no-cost HVAC plan from Bluon

  • We’ll be in touch with some basic questions about your facilities