Hvac Tech Support

Bluon World Class HVAC Technical Support

Bluon doesn’t just make, sell, and install TdX 20, the most advanced R-22 replacement ever developed. We also deliver comprehensive, partner-oriented tools and support to contractors, suppliers, and end users.


When you become a Bluon Accredited Contractor, you receive world-class training and HVAC tech support.

Our Training is Different

By the time our contractors do their first installation job, they know they’re the best trained technicians in the industry. Because we developed Tdx 20, we know all there is to know about the replacement process, and we make sure our contractors do too.

Our Contractor Tech Support is Different

All contractors are trained and certified through the world’s premier tech support program. Our tech support staff aren’t new to the industry or our product. They’re all experienced TdX 20 technicians who know the installation process as well as anyone. They know how to listen, consider all solutions, and give the right direction. Whenever you have a problem, they’re just a call away.

Bluon Mobile App Support

All Accredited Contractors receive a free mobile app from Bluon. It provides instant info on best practices and gives you immediate access to our technician support hotline.

Bottom Line

Our Tech Support gives you the training and experience you’ll need to succeed as a TdX 20 contractor. No matter how difficult the job or unusual the problem, our tech support team is there to answer your question, trouble-shoot your problem, and help you succeed.


All TdX 20 suppliers know our contractors are the most well-trained technicians in the business. We rely on our suppliers for exceptional sales and product marketing, and we know that’s possible only when their time isn’t spent trouble-shooting installation issues.

Understanding Suppliers

Other replacement product contractors sometimes damage systems due to their lack of product knowledge. When that happens, the end user contacts the supplier, who’s then forced to provide support to contractors who weren’t trained by the manufacturer. It’s a situation that doesn’t work for anyone.

Confidence in Our Contractors

When you become a Tdx 20 supplier, you understand how differently we operate. All our contractors are Bluon Accredited, which means they handle the problems. Our suppliers rest easy knowing they’ll spend their time on what they do best – sales. We take care of the rest.

Replacement Training

If you do want in-store training and product information, we’ll gladly provide it. We can teach your staff all there is to know about TdX 20, just like we teach our contractors. While you’ll never answer an end user question, you’ll find our product sells itself when buyers know the difference.


R-22 replacement can be a stressful experience. You aren’t sure what to expect or how much of your time and money will be required. Our tech support is there to make the transition seamless.

A Partnership – Not Just an Installation

Our support team isn’t just there to answer questions and help our contractors. We want to partner with each and every end user to help them understand the benefits of TdX 20. You’ll experience up to 25% energy savings, longer equipment life, and product support like no other.


TdX 20 technical support starts the day you’re introduced to our product. We’ll be there to explain how TdX 20 works with your current HVAC equipment, produces enormous energy savings, and extends the life of your existing HVAC system. We’ll walk you through our three-stage Optimization Program and acquaint you with the many local and nationally-based organizations who’ve happily transitioned to TdX 20.

The Optimization Program

Our support team will be there to show you how the following three-stage Optimization Program guarantees a your satisfaction and a successful transition.

– Tuning Your Current HVAC-R Equipment

We’ll show you how TdX 20 is a blended formula, creating no need to replace your existing HVAC equipment. As a result, you’ll avoid the massive capex that comes from replacing entire HVAC systems. Once tuned, your current equipment will work just fine with TdX 20.

– Upgrading

We’ll explain the upgrades that your existing system will need. They’ll include removing existing refrigerant, installing a new filter dryer, and installing TdX 20. We’ll show you the results you can expect: A workload reduction on your current compressor, a reduction in amps, and a reduction in compressor head temperatures.

– Optimizing

We’ll explain how Bluon assures the optimum of operation of your HVAC system by fine tuning your equipment, optimizing your settings, and labeling all equipment for future reference.

Ongoing Product Support

Once the transition is complete, you’ll be amazed at the results. You’ll see up to a 25% reduction in electricity consumption, a reduction in your system’s operating pressures, and a significantly decreased carbon footprint. But that’s not where it ends. We’ll still be there to provide any support you may need.

With You for the Long Haul

We don’t walk away and leave our end users to fend for themselves. If you have any questions or concerns after the replacement process, our world-class technical support is as close as your phone, computer or mobile device.

Prompt, Knowledgeable and Friendly

You’ll get real time, immediate answers from technicians who’ve been there and seen it all. They’ll have the help you need and can arrange for a certified contractor to be immediately dispatched to your location if necessary. Most of all, they’ll treat you like family.

On the Spot Service

If you do have an issue that requires a service call, count on immediate service from a highly-trained, Bluon Accredited contractor. They’ll arrive promptly with the knowledge, experience, and technical support you can only get with Bluon. We want to be your partner for life in all aspects of environmentally friendly HVAC operation.

So, there you have it. The world’s most advanced, turnkey R-22 replacement process, driven by a remarkable, partner-oriented technical support team. We have the industry’s most well trained and experienced HVAC tech support, available around-the-clock to serve our contractors, suppliers and end users. Consider partnering with Bluon in any of these roles. You’ll discover the most through, knowledgeable, and effective technical support in the industry.