Download Bluon and get manuals, tools, and expert support for 35,000 HVAC units. Yes, really.

We Built the App for HVAC Techs

With a database of over 35,000 HVAC systems, original manuals, this is one tool you can't live without.

Over 35,000 HVAC Units

Bluon is all about supporting the HVAC industry and especially its hardworking techs, which is why we made the Bluon App, with its searchable database of over 35,000 HVAC systems and growing. That's virtually every piece of R-22 and R-410A system on planet Earth.

More than just system information, the app contains original unit manuals, step-by-step retrofit instructions that show you exactly what to do, how-to guides and videos, tools like PT charts and pressure set point converters, superheat and subcool calculators, and airflow diagnostics to name a few.

We're not like other OEMs. We are dedicated to supporting techs and solving problems instead of creating them.

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Over 50,000 HVAC Manuals

We know how annoying it can be to spend hours looking for equipment manuals, wiring diagrams, service manuals, and other documentation that you need to correctly maintain or repair an HVAC unit. In fact, a big part of any HVAC technician’s job is field research on the units at the job site.

That's why the Bluon app includes original manuals for tens of thousands of HVAC systems, both residential and commercial. That includes new and legacy equipment, common brands like Carrier®, Trane®, and York® as well as rare and out-of-business OEMs. And that's not just owners manuals--that's wiring diagrams, service facts, IOMs, and product data.

That’s over 50,000 HVAC manuals and growing, and it’s all there in one easy to use mobile app for iOS and Android phones.

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Tech Specs in Seconds (Not Hours)

Our veteran HVAC technicians have examined every manual and extracted the key technical specifications that you need for maintaining, repairing, or retrofitting the unit. That lets you get 95% of the information you need immediately so you can save time (and daylight) on the job.

Unit details include tonnage, EER/SEER, refrigerant charge, compressor details, oil type and amount, metering devices details, fan details, electrical characteristics, and more.

We’ve also included every standard and optional control on the unit, along with instructions on how to make retrofit adjustments.


R-22 Retrofit Ready

As R-22 becomes unavailable or too expensive to use in the course of normal repairs and maintenance, using an R-22 replacement is the new reality.

Bluon R-458A (TdX 20)

Fortunately we’ve created the first R-22 replacement that technicians love to use. It has virtual identical capacity to R-22, is more energy efficient, and best of all, there’s no oil change!

We’ve included detailed replacement and tuning instructions for every R-22 unit in the app for when it comes time to convert that system to Bluon R-458A. Save serious time and reduce call backs by doing the job right the first time.

Real Technician Support

Bluon provides amazing technician support to all app users. Call us 24/7 directly from the app and one of our seasoned HVAC veterans based in the United States will get you through any question or problem, large or small. Seriously.

The app also has a suite of calculators for finding superheat and subcool, adjusting pressure set points, diagnosing issues and more. It has also has a growing library of Best Practices that offers guides and videos for common procedures

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