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Make the R-22 replacement job a breeze with this incredibly powerful mobile app from Bluon.

A Powerful New HVAC-R Tool

An industry-first tool offering real-time support for technicians replacing R-22.
Free for Bluon Accredited Contractors.

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Equipment Database

We’re building the only database of every HVAC-R system in North America, including detailed R-22 replacement instructions.

  • 17,000+ HVAC-R Units
    Easily find the system you're working on. Sort by manufacturer and search the list of model numbers to locate the unit you want to convert from R-22 to TdX 20.

  • System Details
    Know what you’re working with. Find tonnage, circuit info, refrigerant charge, compressor types and models, metering devices, fan and CFM info, electrical details, SEER & EER values, and more.

  • Expert Replacement Instructions
    Pump down circuitry? Hot gas bypass valves? Thermostatic expansion valves? Every system has different controls that can work differently with blends. Follow our expert instructions tailored to each unit.

  • Original Manuals
    Need more information on the system? No problem. The Bluon App lets you open the original HVAC manuals right on your phone.

hvac equipment search and database app

Sort by manufacturer

hvac app model numbers

Search by model

hvac app green refrigerant

Green: standard replacement

hvac yellow replacement app

Yellow: possible modifications

hvac app yellow replacement job

Red: don't replace

What to do with unit controls

Original manuals

Replacement Toolbox

Simplify the tuning and diagnostics job with a growing suite of helpful tools, all in a single app.

  • Subcool & Superheat Calculators
    Enter your pressure and temperature measurements and instantly return the system Subcool and Superheat values. Both TdX 20 and R-22 calculators are included.

  • Nitrogen Pressure Test Tool
    Make your nitro pressure tests a snap. Enter Initial and Final pressures and temperatures to return the test pressure and degree of error.

  • Airflow Calculator
    Need to check airflow? Enter Initial and Final measurements to verify the system is operating at target airflow.

  • Pressure Set Point Tool
    TdX 20 operates at lower pressures, so controls may need to be adjusted. Enter original R-22 set points for Liquid, Discharge, and Suction Lines, and get new pressure set points for TdX 20.

  • Diagnostic Wizard (Beta)
    Diagnose 95% of R-22 replacement problems with just a few inputs. Refrigerant overcharge or undercharge, dirty condensers, poor compressors, and more can be rapidly diagnosed with this tool.

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Replacement Toolbox

Subcool calculator

Superheat calculator

Nitrogen pressure test

Pressure set points

Airflow calculator

Diagnostic tool

hvac mobile app diagnostic tool results

Diagnostic tool

PT chart (TdX 20)

PT chart (R-22)

TdX 20 Guides

In-app guides and videos walk you through every step of replacing R-22 with TdX 20, including expanded Best Practices for common procedures.

  • Replacement Overviews
    Brush up with the quick replacement checklist or the detailed TdX 20 retrofit guidelines anytime. Visual guy? Our replacement video takes you through the process.

  • Best Practices
    We did the work so you don't have to. Save time and do it right with our growing Best Practice guides for common procedures, including:

    • Recovery
    • Evacuation
    • Hot Gas Bypass Valves
    • Charging & Tuning
    • Crankcase Heaters
    • Leak Detection
    • 3D Scrolls & Off-Cycle Migration
    • Thermostatic Expansion Valves
    • Elastomer Seals & Gaskets
    • Pressure Set Points

Best Practices for common procedures

Best Practices for common procedures

Best Practices for common procedures

Best Practices for common procedures

Video Instructions


Bluon is the leader in HVAC-R contractor support. Our in-house veteran techs are available anytime to help our network of Accredited contractors.

  • Technician Support Hotline
    Run into problems in the field? Just call our in-app Technician Support Hotline and we'll walk you through it. Our guys have seen it all!

help and instructions for HVAC techs in a mobile app

Tech Support Hotline

Free for Accredited Contractors

The Bluon Mobile App is free for Accredited Contractors. If you’re not Accredited yet, it’s fast and easy.

Getting Accredited

Getting Accredited is fast, easy, and free. Just complete our online crash-course on replacement blends. Here’s what we cover:

  • Why Blends are the FutureAll R-22 replacements are blends! Learn about proper installation and tuning techniques, common device adjustments, dual PT charts, and more.

  • How to Avoid Costly MistakesLearn the most common mistakes and how to avoid 99% of problems before they happen.

  • TdX 20 and Bluon SupportLearn why using TdX 20 (R-458A) is good for your customers and good for your business, and how Bluon has your back from start to finish.

Get Accredited online. It takes about 20 mintues.

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Download the Bluon Mobile App for Android and iOS.

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