Learn how to survive and thrive as contractors in the R-22 replacement world.

Make Less Mistakes & More
Money with Bluon Training

Most contractors aren’t prepared for the challenges of replacing R-22. Get
prepared with our 1-hour interactive course.

  • We Come To You

    We send our top techs to your facility.

  • Takes 1 Hour

    Our in-depth training takes 1 hour.

  • Groups Are Comped

    We’ll waive the fee to groups over 10.

The Replacement Reality is Here

See how contractors are growing their business with proper replacement training (and how Bluon can help).

What We Cover

Learn from our years of in-field experience to safely and
effectively work with replacements, including:
  • The Replacement Reality

    Why replacements (blends) are becoming the norm.

  • Profiting with Replacements

    Avoid costly mistakes, reduce call backs, and know what to expect.

  • Common Problems

    How to avoid 99% of problems before they happen.

  • Pre-Existing Conditions

    Which conditions you must never ignore before replacing R-22.

  • R-22 vs Replacement Blends

    How blends are different than R-22, including fractionation and glides.

  • Dual PT Charts

    Why blends have dual PT charts, and how to use them.

  • Tuning

    Why proper tuning is now super critical for contractors and customers.

  • Metering Devices

    Common adjustments to metering devices (fixed and adjustable).

  • Bluon Support

    How to use Bluon 24/7/365 support

Training Results in Bluon Accreditation

Bluon Accredited Contractors gain access to our world-class tools,
including the Bluon Mobile App and live tech support.

Bluon Mobile App

Make the R-22 replacement job a breeze with this incredibly powerful mobile app from Bluon. Free for Accredited Contractors.

Equipment Database Over 20,000 HVAC units with expert conversion notes.

Installation Toolbox In-app calculators and troubleshooting wizards.

In-App Support Best practices for common issues, and technician support hotline.

Conversion Guides Easy to follow steps and videos for retrofitting units to TdX 20.

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