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Become a Bluon Accredited Contractor and get the tools and tech support you need.

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Bluon For HVAC-R Contractors

Become a Bluon Accredited Contractor, and join a massive community of techs and service managers using our world-class tools and technician support to convert R-22 systems to TdX 20.

Getting Accredited

Getting Accredited is fast, easy, and free. Just complete our online crash-course on replacement blends. Here’s what we cover:

  • Why Blends are the Future All R-22 replacements are blends! Learn about proper installation and tuning techniques, common device adjustments, dual PT charts, and more.

  • How to Avoid Costly Mistakes Learn the most common mistakes and how to avoid 99% of problems before they happen.

  • TdX 20 and Bluon Support Learn why using TdX 20 (R-458A) is good for your customers and good for your business, and how Bluon has your back from start to finish.

Get Accredited online. It takes about 20 minutes.

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REAL Technician Support

Sometimes the job is tough. Accredited Contractors can call our support hotline anytime. Our guys are veteran US technicians, and they’ll get you through it. They’ve pretty much seen it all.

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Bluon Mobile App

Make the R-22 replacement job a breeze with this incredibly powerful mobile app from Bluon. Free for Accredited Contractors.

Equipment Database Over 17,000 HVAC units with expert conversion notes.

Installation Toolbox In-app calculators and troubleshooting wizards.

In-App Support Best practices and easy technician support hotline.

Conversion Guides Easy to follow steps and videos for converting units to TdX 20.

Introducing Bluon TdX 20 (R-458A)

We set out to make an insanely great R-22 replacement blend. After five years of hardcore R&D, real-world testing, and approvals, we nailed it.    

  • Average 15% energy savings vs R-22 (up to 25%).

  • Virtually identical capacity to R-22 (+/- 3%)

  • No oil change required. Works with POE & MO.

  • Operates at lower pressures and temperatures.

  • Reduces vibration and boosts stability.

  • ASHRAE & EPA approved, warranty protected.


Become a Bluon Accredited Contractor and get the tools and tech support you need.

Group Training

Get your entire team up to speed with our one-hour group training. Completing training results in Bluon Accreditation.

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Level up with Bluon Tier II Accreditation. Tier II prepares contractors to install TdX 20 in systems overs 20 tons. Our techs will train you on site.

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We Know What It’s Like Out There

We’re the only refrigerant company activelly installing product alongside contractors, and sharing what we learn.

Since finding the product, about a year ago, we have gone on to use TdX 20 on all of our wine room applications. We have a problem in the desert southwest with cooking the small fractional HP compressors due to poor cooling back to the compressor. When I saw the claims of lower discharge pressures/temperatures and increased capacity I was skeptical but willing to try the product. After going through the training process online and getting the factory support reps to meet at our site to train our guys I was less skeptical. After having the product in 100% of our installs for nearly a year now I am no longer skeptical. The product has performed as claimed, our technicians love the product and retro every application when the opportunity presents itself. We have found TdX 20 to perform as advertised and will continue to use it in all of our R-22 refrigeration applications.
Joe Egosque

Service Manager, Efficiency Heating and Cooling

Bluon’s TDX 20 is a new refrigerant that replaces R-22 and by using Bluon you can reduce HVACR energy up to 25% and can also extend the life of your units. I would recommend Bluon Tdx 20. It will reduce energy and wear and tear on your equipment. The R-22 is soon to be gone and the future is Bluon.
Ralph Savastano

Utility Engineer, ABM Building Value

Our facility provides an extensive 5-year Air Conditioning and Refrigeration program for all UA local unions in Southern California. Our equipment comes in a variety of configurations. From fractional horsepower trainers to 40-ton chillers to a small-scale market refrigeration system. This past school year presented some R-22 challenges. By word-of-mouth followed by excellent product support, we converted several systems to Bluon (TdX 20). The performance and education exceeded everyone’s expectations. We will continue to use Bluon as the situations present itself. Good stuff!
Jon Newbro

Training Coordinator, JJATC

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