Case Studies

See how Bluon is helping facilities managers, corporate real estate executives, and end users of all sizes retrofit equipment with incredible results.


Increase to SEER

Jim Bergmann 3rd-Party Test


Energy Savings

80 Ton IntelliPak™ (WC)


Energy Savings

115 Ton IntelliPak™ RTU


Energy Savings

15 Ton Unit


Energy Savings

7.5 Ton Unit


Energy Savings

Two 105-Ton Intellipaks™


Energy Savings

Ten 40 Ton Units


Energy Savings

Two 7.5-Ton Units

"After learning about Bluon, I am now looking for R-22 jobs instead of running from them!"
Guy Hardesty

Account Manger, HAVTECH

"Bluon is the only R-22 solution we will use!"
Charlie Ford

Field Services Engineer, Storer Services

“I have worked with many products in my career. Few meet my expectations and even fewer exceed my expectations. Bluon made a very shortlist. Simply put, they get it. Anyone can sell you a tank of refrigerant, Bluon is selling success. Great products without great support are average. Bluon is definitely not average.”
Jim Bergmann

Owner, measureQuick

"Awesome results. Bluon did everything as advertised."
Adam Barney

Service Manager, Controlling Systems

"When I saw the claims of lower discharge pressures and head temperatures plus increased capacity, I was skeptical but willing to try the product. After having the product in 100% of our installs for nearly a year now, I am no longer skeptical."
Joe Egosque

Service Manager, Efficiency Mechanical

"Bluon is the real deal!"
Scott Pierson

Parts Business Leader, HAVTECH

One of the 10 most innovative energy companies of 2020
Fast Company