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Bluon Energy TdX 20 Obtains ASHRAE Classification Of R-458A

Energy Efficient, Low GWP, R-22 Upgrade

Bluon Energy, manufacturer of next-generation refrigerants for the commercial HVAC and Refrigeration markets, announced today that its TdX 20 refrigerant was given the preliminary ASHRAE number of R-458A with an A1 safety rating. The final approval and assignment of the ASHRAE classification is anticipated the end of June 2016. Based on more than six years of R&D, millions of data points in testing, and numerous validated users, TdX 20 is a multi-phase, zeotrope refrigerant blend. It is the only R-22 replacement that reduces energy consumption, has a warranty, and holds the lowest GWP currently on the R-22 replacement market. TdX 20 is effective based on its multiphase approach with five constituents in a carefully orchestrated sequence that takes the liquid-to-gas change to an advanced level where heat is absorbed across more of the coil surface area, improving overall heat transfer and compressor function.

TdX 20 is designed to:

  • Serve as a replacement for R-22 Refrigerant — no oil change or modifications are required just minor fine-tuning
  • Improves the performance of existing HVAC and refrigeration systems by reducing compressor workload resulting in less amp draw and lower compressor head temperature (at like capacity)
  • Reduces energy consumption by up to 25% with its revolutionary smooth amp utilization
  •  Decreases carbon footprint with only 1650 GWP compared to other R-22 replacement products’ GWP ranging from 1774 – 2631. It is an environmentally safe, A1, and sustainable solution.

“This preliminary classification is the last step in a list of accomplishments for final approval by ASHRAE. TdX 20 is the equipment- and environment-friendly refrigerant that the marketplace has been waiting for in that it is extremely affordable, easy-to-install, reliable, saves energy, and extends the life of building owners’ current HVAC and refrigeration equipment,” shared Douglas Reinke, President & CEO of Bluon Energy. “With the phase-out and rising prices of R-22 as well as numerous de-listed refrigerants, the timing is critical and our installed base has proven TdX 20’s effectiveness,” added Reinke.

Bluon Energy’s TdX 20 will be listed with approved refrigerant numbers in ANSI/ASHRAE Designation and Safety Classification of Refrigerants, the latest edition of Standard 34.

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