Best Practices

Learn from our years of in-field experience retrofitting equipment. Available only to Bluon Accredited Contractors (and in the Bluon Mobile App).


Learn how to reduce refrigerant recovery times and deal with Shrader cores, hoses, and subcool devices.

Recovery →


Save time and money evacuating refrigerant by using the right tools and techniques for each system.

Evacuation →

Hot Gas Bypass Valves

Know how to adjust hot gas bypass valves to the proper evaporator pressures when working with blends, such as TdX 20.

Hot Gas Bypass →

Charging & Tuning

Blends operate at different pressures than R-22. Learn about proper charging and tuning, including how to use dual-column PT charts.

Charging & Tuning →

Crankcase Heaters

Proper use of crankcase heaters to protect liquid refrigerant from entering the compressor is important when using blends like TdX 20.

Crankcase Heaters →

Leak Detection

Avoid call backs (and potential regulator fines) by following these tips to detect leakage in a system.

Leak Detection →

3D Scrolls & Off-Cycle Migration

Learn how to minimize issues with off-cycle refrigerant migration on 3D Scroll compressors.

3D Scrolls →

Thermostatic Expansion Valves

Know how to work with adjustable and non-adjustable TEV/TXVs when replacing refrigerant in systems of different sizes.


Elastomer Seals & Gaskets

Elastomer seals & gaskets can react harshly to R-22 and degrade over time. Proper evaluation will help you save time and avoid headaches.

Seals & Gaskets →

Pressure Set Points

Learn how to convert a system’s pressure set points from R-22 to the replacement blend, all of which operate at lower pressures.

Pressure Set Points →