We’re committed to providing next-generation solutions for global HVAC-R infrastructure.

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Bluon, Inc. is a fast-growing company with a mission to provide practical solutions for the post R-22 world.

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Management Team

Our Management Team is comprised of an experienced group of senior executives and industry engineers with complimentary skills.

Peter Capuciati

Chairman & CEO

Physicist, Columbia University

Danica Bunnett

VP Operations

Engineer, Stanford University

Jed Kennedy

Director of Eng. Solutions and R&D

Mechanical Engineer

Adam Curry

VP of Software

Tech Inventor

Kyle Stults

Chief Financial Officer

Finance Vet

Drew Eckman, JD

VP Sales

Matt Case

Senior BizDev Advisor

Chemical Engineer

Will Frey

Director of Business Development

Construction BizDev Vet

Taylor Distler

Business Development

Bryan Johnson

Technical & Sales Support Manager

35-Year HVAC Vet & Instructor

Michael Mabry

Director of Systems & Technology

35-Year HVAC Pioneer

Thor Millsaps

Dir. of Project & Acct. Mgmt.

Tiffany Karabin

Business Development Manager

Daisy Chang

Assistant Controller

Tanner Morgan

Sales Support Manager

Caitlin Dillon

Operations Associate

Technician Team

Bluon Technicians are highly-skilled and experienced HVAC techs who lead complex Bluon retrofit jobs.

Michael Mabry

Director of Systems & Technology

35-Year HVAC Pioneer

Thor Millsaps

Dir. of Project & Acct. Mgmt.

Nathan Facine

Senior Technician

Dennis Griffin

Senior Technician

25-Year HVAC Vet

David Ellis

Lead Technician

Bob DiToro

Lead Technician

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is comprised of members with diverse backgrounds in HVAC-R, business development, construction, engineering, finance, and real estate. Bluon has additional Board Advisors.

Peter Capuciati

Chairman & CEO

Devin Whatley


Ecosystem Integrity Fund

David Gordon

Vice Chairman


Matt Case

Board Advisor

Sasha Brown

Board Advisor

Scott Pierson

Board Advisor

Brian Ralph

Board Advisor

Leonardo DiCaprio

Board Advisor