Bluon R-458A refrigerant, 24/7 technician support, and thousands of Bluon Accredited Technicians are upgrading America’s R-22 infrastructure to save equipment, save energy, and save money.

Bluon has your back

We help the HVAC world thrive in the R-22 replacement world, with tools and support for technicians, and turn-key installations for corporate clients.

  • For HVAC Technicians

    The perfect refrigerant, tools, and REAL support to make your job easier.

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  • commercial r22 retrofit
    Commercial Real Estate

    Keep your existing HVAC equipment by upgrading to Bluon R-458A.

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  • residential r22 retrofit
    For Homeowners

    Save serious cash by upgrading your R-22 refrigerant to Bluon R-458A.

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Introducing Bluon R-458A (TdX 20)

We set out to make an insanely great R-22 replacement blend. After five years of hardcore R&D, real-world testing, and approvals, we nailed it.    

  • Average 15% energy savings vs R-22 (up to 25%).

  • Virtually identical capacity to R-22 (+/- 3%)

  • No oil change required. Works with POE & MO.

  • Operates at lower pressures and temperatures.

  • ASHRAE & EPA approved, warranty protected.

Bluon for HVAC-R Technicians

We’re more than a refrigerant maker. We’re an ecosystem of training, tools, and support to make your job easier.

See how Bluon is helping HVAC techs meet the demand and reduce call backs

Bluon Accredited Technicians

Become a Bluon Accredited Tech and join America’s fastest-growing technician network, and take advantage of our world-class tools and tech support to retrofit R-22 systems to TdX 20.


  • Retrofit Instructions Bluon has the only equipment database with unit-specific Refrigerant Retrofit instructions.

  • REAL Tech Support Have a problem in the field? Call our technician support line to talk to one of our vets.

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Bluon Mobile App

Make your service job a breeze with this incredibly powerful mobile app from Bluon. Download now.

Equipment Database Over 35,000 HVAC units with expert retrofit steps.

Installation Toolbox In-app calculators and troubleshooting wizards.

In-App Support Instant technician support hotline.

Retrofit Guides Easy to follow guides and videos for retrofitting with Bluon

The Story of Bluon

Listen to this podcast by Bill Spohn President of TruTech Tools and Peter Capuciati Chairman and CEO of Bluon to learn how we started out as a pure research and development company and grew into the complete HVAC solution and retrofit experts.

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Bluon for Commercial Real Estate

Solve your R-22 problem with a Bluon retrofit for a fraction of the cost of replacing your HVAC-R system.

See how M&N Foods is using Bluon in their Carl’s Jr. facilities

Bluon HVAC-R Solutions for Corporate Clients

We can create a custom retrofit plan for the HVAC equipment at your facilities, or upgrade your equipment to Bluon TdX 20 through our turnkey services.
  • Keep Your Equipment Retrofitting your existing HVAC-R equipment to Bluon TdX 20 can increase its operating life, letting you avoid the capex and disruption of system replacement.

  • Reduce Energy Consumption HVAC-R consumes about half the energy in a typical building. Bluon TdX 20 can reduce HVAC-R energy consumption by up to 25%.

  • Turnkey and Safe We work side-by-side with your existing mechanical contractors to make sure everything goes as planned. It’s turnkey and warranty-backed.

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Learn why energy efficient refrigerants can make or break your sustainability effort.

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Bluon Careers

Want to work for Bluon? Check out our job openings. We’d love to hear from you.

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“Bluon is at the forefront of tackling energy efficiency in our existing heating and air conditioning infrastructure.”

- Leonardo DiCaprio Bluon Investor & Board Advisor.