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South Coast Plaza Testimonial Video


Bluon TdX20 was tested in one of South Coast Plaza’s buildings with a Carrier 5 Ton Model 50LIQ006-641.

The compressor Amps went from 6.4 Amps (R-22) to 4.4 Amps on TdX20. Reduction of 31%
The Suction pressure went from 43 PSIG (R-22) to 25 PSIG (TdX20). Reduction of 40%
The Discharge pressure went from 165 PSIG (R-22) to 95 PSIG {TdX20). Reduction of 42%
The Delta T across also increased from 18 Degrees to 20 Degrees. Increase of 11 Percent.

Additional Comments:
It was also noticed the system reached full cooling capacity 3 times faster on TdX20 versus on R-22.
The units also ran less on TdX20 compared to R-22. We were very impressed with the results we received from TdX20 as well as the positive impact this has on the environment in eliminating R-22 (hcfc) to a more friendly alternative TdX20 (hfc).


Gary R. Spore
Director of Engineering and Facilities