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What is Bluon TdX 20?

TdX 20 is a refrigerant replacement for R-22 HVAC-R equipment, delivering equivalent capacity performance*, significant energy savings and extended equipment life. TdX 20 is a blend of five commercially used refrigerants.

*While other R-22 replacements claim “similar” performance despite the fact that their actual capacity is 10%-20% less and their energy use is higher, TdX 20 is proven to deliver equal capacity with less energy consumption.


TdX 20 delivers equivalent capacity to R-22 as demonstrated in extensive field testing and third-party independent testing. Other R-22 replacement refrigerants make claims of comparable or “similar” capacity; however extensive tests and HVAC market feedback indicate they simply don’t perform at R-22 levels not to mention they consume more electricity than R-22. TdX 20 is the first alternative that truly creates equal capacity while reducing your electricity consumption.  In other words, TdX 20 is the first replacement refrigerant that is an investment with an ROI, not an expense with continued expenses.


The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers, Inc. (ASHRAE) with the consensus of American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has designated Bluon Energy’s TdX 20 refrigerant as an approved standard to Refrigerant Blends under Standard 34-2013.  TdX 20 has been given the designation of R-458A.

R-458A was approved by the ASHRAE Standards Committee on June 26, 2016; by the ASHRAE Board of Directors on June 29, 2016; and by the American Nationals Standard Institute on July 27, 2016.  The designation can be found at:–technology/standards-addenda as Addendum aj to Standard 34-2013.

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What is the installation process?

TdX 20 is easy to install. After the current refrigerant is evacuated from the system, charge the unit with TdX 20 using the TdX 20 Installation Guide, The Best Practices Recovery Guide, and Pressure Temperature Chart along with standard installation procedures. No major modifications to the infrastructure or the system are required. You may need to complete some fine tuning to achieve maximum performance, or in certain instances, such as in water cooling systems where the TXV valve or head pressure control valve requires adjustments.

How does TdX 20 produce energy savings benefits?

TdX 20 works with your existing equipment and compressor to reduce energy consumption by 5% to 25% versus R-22. TdX 20 creates these energy savings primarily through reduced amp draw to the compressor.

What is the estimated payback or ROI related to installing TdX 20?

While energy savings and electricity costs can vary, the payback for installing TdX 20 is typically between 12-36 months with an ROI of 35%-100%.

How does TdX 20 stack up against other Energy Efficiency Measures (EEMs)?

TdX 20 represents one of the most cost-effective EEM’s available today. TdX ranks in the top 5% of all EEMs as measured by the DOE’s method of determining the cost per kWh saved.

How does TdX 20 compare to other R-22 replacement options on the market?

TdX 20 is inexpensive to install and is the only replacement that represents an investment and an EEM. All other replacements decrease system efficiency and therefore never produce a return, they only increase expenses year after year.

In what applications can TdX 20 be used?

TdX 20 can currently be used as a drop-in replacement for R-22 in commercial and residential air conditioning and heat pump equipment. TdX 20 also works very well in R-22, R-404a and R-507 refrigeration equipment, and expects to receive EPA authorization shortly for this application.

What are applications not recommended for TdX 20?

TdX 20, as with all blended refrigerants, should not be used in flooded evaporators/centrifugal compressors or certain receivers in build-up refrigeration systems without consulting your HVAC service provider. TdX 20 is compatible with Liebert and Data Aire type systems.

Does TdX 20 Meet AHRI standards?

Yes, Bluon TdX 20 refrigerant meets the AHRI 700 Standard for refrigerants. AHRI certification programs only test and certify HVAC-R equipment performance.

Is TdX 20 Authorized under the EPA’s SNAP Program?

The Environmental Protection Agency has authorized the sale and import of Bluon Energy’s TdX 20 refrigerant under the Significant New Alternatives Policy (SNAP). TdX 20 is now authorized for use in: Commercial Comfort Air Conditioning, Industrial Process Refrigeration Systems, and Retail Food Refrigeration.

How do I get Bluon TdX 20 today?

Bluon TdX 20 is available for purchase and installation from Bluon Strategic Reseller Partners (SRPs).  HVAC mechanical contractors interested in learning more about TdX 20 can contact Bluon.

What is the patent status of TdX 20?

Bluon TdX 20 is a patent-pending formula. There are several utility patents currently filed surrounding Bluon TdX 20’s unique blend, chemistry, and multi-phase characteristics.
It should be noted that an older patent affiliated with Bluon’s early work appears in some search results. That patent and the related product was completely abandoned by Bluon Energy in favor of a new direction that led to our current product, Bluon TdX 20.
For the most recent filing, View Patent

Will I need to make any changes to my equipment or infrastructure to use TdX 20?

No.* TdX 20 is a drop-in replacement for R-22 systems. No change to the oil is required.  No major modifications to the infrastructure or the system are required. You may need to complete some fine tuning to achieve maximum performance, such as adjusting the TXV valve (see conversion guide). 

* In water cooled systems, in order to achieve maximum energy efficiency, it may be required to adjust the pressure actuating regulator valve to match the lower discharge pressure associated with Bluon TdX 20. Typically this amounts to reducing the water head pressure via the regulator valve by 25-30 psig.

Is a change to the oil or metering device (i.e. orifice or expansion device) required?

No. There is no oil change needed and no expansion device/TXV replacement required. TdX 20 works with standard oils including MO, POE, and AB.

Will changing the metering device (i.e. orifice or expansion device) have an effect with TdX 20?

While replacing a metering device is not required, in some older equipment, replacing a fixed metering device with a TXV can optimize equipment performance. In some older systems, the TXV valve may be in need of cleaning or replacement. Since the system is already evacuated, cleaning or replacing the TXV valve in conjunction with the TdX 20 installation can be very cost effective.

How much system charge is required with TdX 20?

Optimum unit performance is expected to be achieved with 80-100% of the factory or recovered R-22 charge depending on equipment manufacturer and age. See installation guide.

What is the ASHRAE flammability rating for TdX 20?

Bluon TdX 20 has an ASHRAE safety group classification of A1, non-flammable and lower toxicity.

What are the Global Warming Potential and ozone depletion characteristics of TdX 20?

TdX is 100% non-ozone depleting and has the lowest GWP rating of all R-22 refrigerant alternatives at 1,650. Additionally, through the energy savings created by using TdX 20, a substantial decrease in CO2 emissions from electricity generation is realized. By using TdX 20, you significantly reduce your carbon footprint.




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  • “We have found Bluon TdX 20 to be the responsible alternative to R-22. Not only does it allow our building owners to comply with environmental mandates and save energy, it is easy and inexpensive to do so.”

    Ben Gates, Development and Sustainability Director, Redside Partners
  • “I would recommend Bluon TdX 20 as a direct drop-in replacement that reduces energy, reduces wear and tear and extends the lifetime of your equipment.”

    John Weese, Chief Engineer, Kaiser Foundation Hospitals, Anaheim Orange County, CA
  • “…the system reached full cooling capacity in 30 seconds on TdX 20 versus 90 seconds on R-22. This resulted in the unit running less time.”

    Jaime Chavez - Facilities Manager, ESPN Zone
  • “Bluon TdX 20 allows building owners to comply with environmental mandates, save energy, save money and prolong equipment life.”

    Renee Loveland, Sustainability Manager, Gerding Edlen
  • “With large Capex availability within our portfolios continuing to be tough, we found Bluon TdX 20 to be the best answer to prolonging our equipment, while providing strong energy savings as compared to R-22.”

    Jeff Arlotti - Vice President Commercial Properties, CORE Realty Holdings Management, Inc.
  • “The pilot test showed a reduction in amperage draw, a reduction in pressure as well as reduced run times which all together produced a 28% energy savings.”

    Gary R. Spore - Director of Engineering and Facilities, South Coast Plaza, Costa Mesa, CA
  • “This was a very seamless process and no retrofit was needed to our existing equipment. We were able to change out 16 roof top package units varying from 2.5 to 5 tons.”

    Lawrence R. Armstrong, CEO, Ware Malcomb