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The perfect match for the R-22 replacement
demand set to explode in 2018.

The Only R-22 Replacement
Built for Supply Houses

We Drive Your Sales

Bluon is the only refrigerant company actively driving sales to supply houses from our network of contractors and users.

The R-22 Replacement Reality

R-22 refrigerant is reaching the end of its global phase-out, yet the majority of US HVAC-R systems still run on R-22. With R-22 prices skyrocketing and supplies rapidly declining, contractors are turning to replacements. But replacing R-22 isn’t easy: capacity and efficiency loss, modifications, and system failure are realities with most replacements, and contractors simply aren’t prepared. Supply Houses are often forced to provide tech support to contractors who use replacements and break systems, as no support is offered by the manufacturer. And it’s about to get worse.

R-22 Replacement Demand (US)

  • Total R-22 Supply*
  • R-22 Replacement Demand
*Total R-22 Supply = New R-22 imports + Actual reclaimed + Real inventory

Data from EPA HCFC reclamation report, Hudson Technologies 10K,
Airgas public statements, EPA demand projections (10/1/2017).

Meet the Demand with TdX 20

We developed TdX 20 (R-458A) to help suppliers and contractors meet the replacement demand with the perfect product, critical training and support, and the profit margins to thrive.

Superior Product

Helping Contractors
See how IES is using Bluon TdX 20 to meet the demand.

Energy Efficient + Like Capacity
Systems converted to TdX 20 achieve an average energy consumption drop of 10-20% with equal capacity.

Proven Track Record
TdX 20 has been running in thousands of systems since 2014, with a stellar track record. It’s trusted by some of the largest mechanical contractors in the country.

Fully Approved
TdX 20 is fully approved by the EPA and ASHRAE for HVAC and Refrigeration applications.


Replacement Training

Contractor Training
Our Bluon Accreditation Program provides critical training to prepare contractors for the replacement reality. Contractors enroll in a free online course designed to bring them up to speed on the problems they’ll encounter in the field, and avoid costly mistakes in the future. Bluon is training hundreds of new contractors every week.

Supply House Training
We even provide in-store training to Supply Houses who buy from Bluon. Learn more about Group Training.

Real Tech Support

Expert Problem Solving
We hire only the best of the best: American HVAC techs with decades of experience—to provide world-class support to contractors in the field. Problems or questions? Give us a call and we’ll walk you through it.

We’re the only refrigerant backed by a warranty, so you can sell TdX 20 replacement 100% risk-free. Something goes wrong on our side? We take care of it.

Bluon Mobile App

Bluon contractors can use our mobile app to make the TdX 20
installation job as easy and safe as possible.

  • Equipment Database

    Use the in-app PT chart, Superheat and Subcool calculator, and troubleshooting wizard.

  • Installation Toolbox

    Search thousands of HVAC units for equipment details, expert replacement notes, and original manuals.

Proven Performance

TdX 20 has been running in thousands of systems since
2014, with a stellar track record. Through our Optimization Program we’ve partnered with large owners to convert their R-22 systems to TdX 20, and take advantage of the energy savings.

TdX 20 is cooling over 10 Million Sq. Ft.

We Know What It’s Like Out There

Bluon is the ONLY refrigerant company actively installing product in the
field. We share Best Practices to save contractors time and money.

“Bluon is at the forefront of tackling energy efficiency in our
existing heating and air conditioning infrastructure.”

- Leonardo DiCaprio
Bluon Investor & Board Advisor

Fixed Prices

We keep prices fixed and transparent to guarantee that you always
have strong margins and aren’t undercut. It’s that simple.



For R-22 Replacements, the Choice is Clear

Getting Started with Bluon

Whether you’re just curious about offering TdX 20, or buying for
multiple stores, we’ve got you covered.

1. Contact Us

Just get in touch with any questions, or to place orders. Our contact is below.

2. Product & Materials

We’ll send posters and fliers for your stores along with any TdX 20 product you buy.

3. Group Training

We’ll send our vets to train your guys on replacements and TdX 20.