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Learn how to survive and thrive as contractors in the R-22 replacement world.

Make Fewer Mistakes and More Money
with Bluon Training

Most contractors aren’t prepared for the challenges of replacing R-22.
Get prepared with our 1-hour interactive course.

See how contractors are growing their business with proper
replacement training (and how Bluon tools can help).

What We Cover

Learn from our years of in-field experience to safely and effectively
work with replacements, including:

Training results in Bluon Accreditation

Bluon Accredited Contractors gain access to our world-class tech support. Problems
in the field? Call our support line and our veteran techs will help you through it.
You’ll also get access to the Bluon Mobile App, to simplify the replacement job.

Bluon Mobile App

Bluon contractors can use our mobile app to make the TdX 20
installation job as easy and safe as possible.

  • Equipment Database

    Search thousands of HVAC units for equipment details, expert replacement notes, and original manuals.

  • Installation Toolbox

    Use the in-app PT chart, Superheat and Subcool calculator, and troubleshooting wizard.

Ready to Get Started?

Contact us to set up a training, or check out our online training program for more on the subjects we cover.