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Freon Replacement

Cut Costs With This Freon Replacement and Save More Money (the easy way!)

Have you had to have your air conditioning or refrigeration units repaired or re-charged recently? If so, you may have noticed the increasing cost of Freon gas, also known as R22.

Not only is this gas getting very expensive, it is also bad for the environment. So, are there safe and cost effective alternatives to Freon that you can use in your HVAC system?

To address the issues of cost and environmental damage, Bluon Energy has developed an innovative new Freon substitute. Bluon TdX 20 is a more efficient, cheaper and environmentally friendly refrigerant that can be used virtually everywhere Freon is used.

Because of the global phase-out of Freon, production is winding down.

This has created a shortage, which is about to get much worse, which has resulted in the high prices we are seeing now which will be getting much higher in the months to come. We will be showing you how Bluon TdX 20 can replace Freon and keep your HVAC and refrigeration working like a charm while using less electricity.

As you may know, Freon does not need to be replaced that frequently, as cooling units are closed systems – only leaks are cause for re-charging. Due to this, many people are not aware of the shortage of Freon and resulting price increases.

Before we get deep into the details of this Freon alternative, let’s look at why Freon is being phased out.

Freon Replacement
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What are Freon Alternatives?

Before looking in detail at Freon alternatives, it is helpful to understand why we use this gas in the first place. Also, we will help you to understand why exactly we are replacing it, even though it works just fine.

Early refrigerants dating as far back as 1890 were quite dangerous as they contained compounds such as ammonia or propane. By the 1930s, Freon had emerged as a much better alternative, however it still contains harmful HCFC gases that cause to damage the ozone layer. Since the 1987 Montreal Protocol, countries around the world have committed to reduce the use of CFCs and HCFCs, including Freon. It is this commitment that has led to the wind down in Freon production and the high prices we are currently seeing. Soon, Freon will become difficult to obtain at any price.

Now is the time to avoid the chaos and upgrade your system to Bluon TdX 20 the best Freon alternative. This replacement represents amazing value. It is environmentally friendly and also optimizes performance and efficiency. Rarely you can help the environment and save money, but with Bluon TdX 20, it is a given.

It is true that unless your R22 has leaked or your system has had problems, then there is no need to rush out and replace it. However, by replacing your refrigerant gases now, you can help the environment and cut down your cooling costs. The initial cost of replacing the Freon in your HVAC units will more than be offset by the energy savings.

Contact us here to learn how we can help you replace your Freon, or read more below to learn about the benefits of phasing out R22 sooner rather than later.

Update the Outdated Freon in HVAC Systems Without Replacing The Entire System

When something isn’t causing you an immediate problem, it can be hard to find the motivation to change. When it comes to changing over from R22 though, acting now does have its advantages which will be outlined below.

freon replacement for r22

R22 Phase Out Problem

Looking forward to the future, there is a looming crisis with R22 phase out. There are so many HVAC units out there and they will all need to change over in the next 10 years.

Right now, awareness is low and alternatives such as Bluon TdX 20 are readily available. This situation can change however and prices will increase with demand in the future.

freon replacement cost

Save Money

Immediately after replacing R22 with Bluon TdX 20 you can expect to save real money. TdX 20 has proven to be more energy efficient in testing and can save money on your company’s electricity bill.

The savings in energy range from 5% – 25%, which can translate to a meaningful dent in your electricity bill as HVAC typically represents the bulk of your total bill. But it doesn’t end there. TdX 20 has been shown to help compressors run longer due to TdX 20 lower operating pressures. This helps to reduce wear and tear on your HVAC equipment, extending its useful life.

freon replacement kit

Keep Existing Equipment

In addition to the above, the great news is that you do not have to replace your existing equipment to take advantage of this Freon alternative. Bluon has created tools, resources and a revolutionary mobile app that allows any qualified technician to remove the Freon from your HVAC unit, replace it with TdX 20 and tune the system to maximize the benefit.

This makes it easier than ever to make an environmentally friendly choice that will also save you big money in the long run!!

Are you ready to get started on the changeover to a Freon substitue?

Let’s look at how you can get some technicians to work as soon as possible.



Upgrade Your System to Environmentally Friendly Standards Easily and Affordably

Given the environmental and monetary benefits, there is nothing that should stop you from making the leap and moving away from Freon as a refrigerant. To help make the process as pain free as possible for you, we have trained contractors available.

Our team will take care of everything for you, from start to finish. Bluon works with your local contractors to come and tune your system, upgrade any components that are worn or damaged and optimize it for the new TdX 20 refrigerant.

To get started, all you need to do is fill out the form on our website. Give as much detail as possible and we will contact you to fine tune your personalized, detailed quote.

We offer a unique guarantee on all our refrigerant conversions. We guarantee that your equipment will not be damaged and offer a warranty to this effect. No other replacement refrigerant makes this claim / guarantee.

You could always wait until Freon supplies are completely exhausted, or until you are forced to change to a more environmentally friendly refrigerant. But why not get ahead of the game and change to the best Freon alternative now?

Freon Replacement Frequency

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