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Sell more with the Bluon Accreditation program.
Accreditation Levels

Tier 1 Accreditation

Install TdX 20 on systems 20 tons and under. Just complete our online course.

Tier 2 Accreditation

Install TdX 20 on systems over 20 tons. Complete our online course, and 3 live installations with our technical leads.

The Future of HVAC-R

There is over a trillion pounds of R-22 in the United States alone that must be replaced in the years to come. Building owners continue to seek new energy efficiency solutions. The future of HVAC-R belongs to smart contractors who can deliver both.

Get Accredited

Learn how to solve your customer’s R-22/404A/507A problem and deliver savings with our energy efficient TdX 20 and proper tuning.

You’ll also get access to our comprehensive installation field guide, technical support, and directory listing to help your business grow.


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