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In a typical building, HVAC accounts for 50% of energy consumption. If you avoid the expense of new equipment, and instead find a way to make your current HVAC system perform better, consume less energy, and last longer, you’ll have a major positive impact on your bottom line.

Bluon TdX 20 lets you do just that.






The first replacement refrigerant to deliver energy efficiency and impressive ROI

Global production of R-22 is dwindling and prices are rising. Coming regulations could mean that high GWP refrigerants like R-410A may soon be phased out, too.

Now is not the time to take on a huge capital expense for new equipment, and with Bluon TdX 20, you don’t have to. TdX 20 costs only pennies per square foot, while significantly improving system efficiency, and often, longevity.



Bluon TdX 20: The best move you can make


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Keep Your Current Equipment

Bluon TdX 20 not only works with your current equipment—it makes your current equipment work better and last longer.*

*Based on lower operating pressures, more stable and lower amp draw, and lower compressor temperatures.

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Increase Operating Efficiency

TdX 20 has consistently been shown to reduce energy consumption by 5-25% or more when compared to R-22, and pay for itself in 12-36 months.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

TdX 20 is non-ozone depleting. It has a lower GWP than R-22 or any R-22 replacement on the market, and lowers energy consumption, resulting in a dramatically reduced carbon footprint.

By upgrading to Bluon TdX 20, a 100,000 sq. ft. commercial building could reduce its annual carbon footprint by more than 50 metric tons.


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Equity Office Properties / Able engineering


20% energy reduction (kWh) in 100-ton Trane split system


Summary & Data

LBA Properties

Improved capacity by 5% while reducing energy consumption by 10 – 13%

Summary & Data


Summary & Data

Cerenzia Foods

Equal capacity and 12% amp reduction @ 100°F outside air in fixed orifice system

Summary & Data

Native Floral (Refrigeration)

22% kWh savings (35hp Heatcraft) and 40°F reduction in compressor head temp


Summary & Data

Manukau Institute of Technology (REFRIGERATION)

20% Reduction in Run-time with -15% Discharge Pressure and -7% Suction Pressure

Summary & Data

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